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3 together

3 together



트램폴린은 이제, 3명(효선, 나혜, 나은)입니다.

지금은 잠시 휴식중, 조만간 보아요.


Trampauline is now hyosun, nahae, naeun. we’re having a sort of break but see you soon.

about trampauline -english

Trampauline is a name for a Seoul-based korean pop electronica musician Cha, Hyo Sun. supported by 3 live session members Na Hye(Bass), Da Ham(Synth and effects), Na Eun(Guitar).

Cha, Hyo Sun, The only person and captain of Trampauline didn’t come out of no where. She’d been building songs gradually while living her life to the fullest. In the world of music, what she wanted to do was to make music that has thrills of electronic sound as well as lively feeling of acoustics.

She might have had several goals when working on her songs, perhaps without being aware of them in conscious level. And here are these. Bring the sounds of everyday life surroundings into music. Let songs tell stories that are vivid enough to steal people’s hearts. Wear them an outfit of electronic music, but with an acoustic spirit at the core.

As a result, there they are, songs of heart-knocking melodies with impressive lyrics, nourished by samples taken and rebuilt, driven by abundant sounds of analogue synthesizers and simple beats. full of fun both in an intellectual and a joyful way. Songs are under influences of modern electronic pop, yet with classic songwriters’ gentle approach.

Trampauline’s doing shows in korea and her first album was out June,2008

You can listen to songs of trampauline on –